‘GodgOdgoD’ experimental theatre big-bangs science & religion into the question of creation

Somewhere between myth and religion, in clash or dark, light, sound, and movement, the science of theatre explodes into the site-specific phenomenon that is the award-winning GodgOdgoD at the Woordfees.

GodgOdgoD is a bold production that may not be everyone’s cup of tea or coffee, but if the theatre equivalent of tequila is your thing, then you’re going to want a few shots of what Mount Maak Productions are serving. It is experimental theatre that sets Mount Maak on the trajectory to be South Africa’s immersive theatre answer to the international trendsetters Punchdrunk and Le Enfants Terribles.

Charlton George as ‘God’ is the poetic answer to ‘God’ as Chuck (the ‘God’ you find him in the fantasy series Supernatural, the ‘God’ who gave up on humanity and went on holiday). His performance is effortlessly captivating as his monologue moves you through the eternal questions —Why are we here? Who made us? Was our ‘Creator’ just bored? Where is ‘God’ now?— while accompanied by experiments, interpretative dance, and art introduced and communicated to the audience by talented ensemble of Tiisetso Mashifane, Aphiwe Livi, Wolf Britz and Ilana Cilliers, all set in the scene of a controversial exhibition’s opening evening. Britz and Cilliers direction and design aesthetically has  as powerful an impact as the punchy narrative penned by Rob de Graaf and the cast (translated by Cilliers).

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